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Friday, April 29, 2011

#65 - Time

Thought I would do this in a steampunk kind of style.  Tons of layers, no textures, just lots of stuff.  Hope you like it!

#65 - Time

With thanks to:
Birdcage, Border, Pocket Watch, Wings, Clock Parts:  Lorie Davison
Curtain:  Holliewood Studios
Owl:  Armene @ Deviantart
Model:  Mizzd @ Deviantart
Phone, Books, Lamp:  Internet
Background:  mysticmorning @ deviantart
Timepieces:  From Deviantart - Aranwen, Femobot, Bookscorpion, Chamberstock
Clock Key:  Strwberrystk @ Deviantart
Goggles:  One Weeb


  1. This is so cool! Love the steampunk theme.

  2. This is a wonderful steampunkian treatment of "Time", Lauren. I love everything about it! Well done.

  3. Fabulous sense of story and steampunk fun!