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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#30 - Umbrella (Digital Whisper)

Just wanted to do something fun and colorful for this theme, so why not use some Asian parasols?  There are so many beautiful designs, and it was hard deciding which ones to use.  The background is origami paper.

#30 - Umbrella

With Thanks to:
Parasols and Origami Paper:  Internet
Texture:  yuna @ flickr
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez
Geisha:  okinawa soba @ flickr


  1. fantastic colors and a wonderful composition..

  2. Love the bright colors, esp the reds (my fav color). The layout gives a very fun and happy feeling. Great job.

  3. I absolutely adore this piece! What a creative, original idea to use the Asian umbrellas! Beautiful colors and beautiful design.

  4. Such a clever and creative idea, not to mention a feast for the eyes. Fantastic.