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Friday, April 29, 2011

#65 - Time

Thought I would do this in a steampunk kind of style.  Tons of layers, no textures, just lots of stuff.  Hope you like it!

#65 - Time

With thanks to:
Birdcage, Border, Pocket Watch, Wings, Clock Parts:  Lorie Davison
Curtain:  Holliewood Studios
Owl:  Armene @ Deviantart
Model:  Mizzd @ Deviantart
Phone, Books, Lamp:  Internet
Background:  mysticmorning @ deviantart
Timepieces:  From Deviantart - Aranwen, Femobot, Bookscorpion, Chamberstock
Clock Key:  Strwberrystk @ Deviantart
Goggles:  One Weeb

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#89 - Black

I finished this piece and then didn't know what theme to use.  I finally chose "Black" purely for the color scheme.  If "Past/Future" was a category that's where it would have gone.  Thanks for looking!

#89 - Black

With Thanks to:
Texture:  Livingroomshadows, Ka2rina, Clifford Sax,
Skeletalmess, and Essence of a Dream - all at Flickr
Model:  Angelhead @ Flickr
Ouija Board:  TheArtistDarkLady @ Deviantart
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez

#22 - Mother Nature (Digital Whisper)

Well, life got in the way of art and that can be very frustrating. You know how it is when you're painting bathroom cabinets, but the real question is whether or not you should add that extra overlay to your current art work? Anyway, here is Mother Nature.  I used a lot of texturing and brushes and there are a ton of layers.  Thanks so much for looking!

#22 - Mother Nature

With Thanks to:
Many elements from:  DeviantScrap - Colorsplash;
Gypsy; Holliewood Studios; Finecrafted Designs
Texture:  Shadowhouse Creations

Sunday, April 17, 2011

#98 - Puzzle (Digital Whisper)

I used the site "Dumpr" to create the Mona Lisa Rubic's cube.  It's a fun site to use and gives me another perspective on creating.  Thanks for looking!

#98 - Puzzle

With Thanks to:
Texture:  Shadowhouse Creations
Border:  TotallyWildDezinz
Sign Post, Wings, Background:  Holliewood Studios

#76 - Passion (Digital Whisper)

Well, my creative muse took a hike for a while but hopefully it's back.  Here's my piece for the theme "Passion".  I wanted to use tango dancers but had a tough time finding the right image.  The swirly overlay from Shadowhouse Creations helped convey the feelings.

#76 - Passion

With Thanks to:
Texture and Layer Mask:  Shadowhouse Creations
Paper:  artbychrysti @ flickr
Rose:  Bisontine
Couple:  Internet

Thursday, April 7, 2011

#10 - Lemon Tree (Digital Whisper)

This theme was challenging in that there was no emotional connection for me to a lemon tree.  I find that I can usually evoke a memory or get a train of thought going when designing a piece, but this topic was so completely random that I had to really get a feeling for it.  I hope you like it!

#10 - Lemon Tree

With Thanks to:
Lemon Tree & Windowsill:  Internet
Bird:  Holliewood Studios
Grass & Chair:  Lorie Davison
Background:  Joe's Sistah @ flickr
Texture:  Dog Ma @ flickr
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#30 - Umbrella (Digital Whisper)

Just wanted to do something fun and colorful for this theme, so why not use some Asian parasols?  There are so many beautiful designs, and it was hard deciding which ones to use.  The background is origami paper.

#30 - Umbrella

With Thanks to:
Parasols and Origami Paper:  Internet
Texture:  yuna @ flickr
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez
Geisha:  okinawa soba @ flickr

Monday, April 4, 2011

#100 - Secrets

A tricky theme.  I really wanted to use this figure somehow so I think it worked out for this theme.  Again, textures and blending, changing opacity, to give it the look I wanted.  Thanks for looking and your comments!

#100 - Secrets

With Thanks to:
Model:  BloodyMarie @ deviantart
Textures:  skeletalmess and ka2rina @ flickr
Background:  freaky665 @ deviantart
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez

Sunday, April 3, 2011

#82 - Dance (Digital Whisper)

This piece was fun to do, and I just wanted to keep it light and whimsical.  A few different "skies" were used and some blending done.  I think I'd like to go to the Twilight Club ... Thanks for looking!

#82 - Dance

With Thanks to:
Dancers:  Dr. Macro
Curtain:  LunaNYXstock @ deviantart
Sky:  JoannaStar and Night-Fate Stock @ deviantart
Sign:  Tumble Fish Studio
Disco Ball:  Internet
Texture:  skeletalmess @ flickr

Saturday, April 2, 2011

#35 - Journey (Digital Whisper)

Wow ... there are so many ways to go with this theme, but I have been wanting to use the car so this is what I came up with.  Lots of layers and brushes and blending.  I think they'll have an interesting journey ...  Thanks for looking!

#35 - Journey

With Thanks to:
Car:  carbonated @ flickr
Caution sign & Globe:  Holliewood Studios
Red Border:  Tumble Fish Studios
Textures:  skeletalmess @ flickr