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Thursday, April 7, 2011

#10 - Lemon Tree (Digital Whisper)

This theme was challenging in that there was no emotional connection for me to a lemon tree.  I find that I can usually evoke a memory or get a train of thought going when designing a piece, but this topic was so completely random that I had to really get a feeling for it.  I hope you like it!

#10 - Lemon Tree

With Thanks to:
Lemon Tree & Windowsill:  Internet
Bird:  Holliewood Studios
Grass & Chair:  Lorie Davison
Background:  Joe's Sistah @ flickr
Texture:  Dog Ma @ flickr
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez


  1. This is beautiful, Lauren! The use of yellow, the color contrasts, everything about it is wonderful. I especially love the bird (I seem to be obsessed with bird images lately!).

  2. What a GREAT interpretation of "lemon". {I'm still waiting for my muse to speak to me about it)! Somehow you managed to convey the tartness of lemon! Amazing. Kudos.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Lauren. For someone who has no feelings towards lemon trees, you show a remarkable connection through your artwork.

    I live in a place where lemon trees flourish. Most people have them growing in their backyards and they have even become "street trees" along grassy verges. When they are in fruit, owners leave boxes of lemons out for anyone to take. I guess I could say that lemon trees form part of our daily lives!

  4. This is a beautiful still life piece and the yellow bird is just a perfect accompaniment. Love this!

  5. I like the combination of the lemon tree and the yellow bird.. lovely..