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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#89 - Black

I finished this piece and then didn't know what theme to use.  I finally chose "Black" purely for the color scheme.  If "Past/Future" was a category that's where it would have gone.  Thanks for looking!

#89 - Black

With Thanks to:
Texture:  Livingroomshadows, Ka2rina, Clifford Sax,
Skeletalmess, and Essence of a Dream - all at Flickr
Model:  Angelhead @ Flickr
Ouija Board:  TheArtistDarkLady @ Deviantart
Border:  TotallyWildDezinez


  1. Beautiful. Lovely background.

  2. nice image and lovely background.. will go well with both themes..

  3. Mysterious and a little bit witchy- love this!

  4. Oooooo! Love that Ouija board background! It's all so mysterious and a little bit scary! Well done.