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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#21 - Cave (Digital Whisper)

Starting in on this I knew I wanted a chaise in a cave, and this is what evolved.  Upon completion, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not so I've been sitting on it for a few weeks.  Turns out ... I like it!  Thanks for looking!

#21 - Cave

With Thanks to:
Figure:  Finecrafted Designs (Inner Voice) @ Deviantscrap.com
Crystal Balls:  Lorie Davison (Gremouse Manor) @ scrapbookgraphics.com
Net/Hanging Ornaments:  Gypsy @ scrapbookgraphics.com
Magic Dust:  Lorie Davison
Cave:  Internet
Texture:  skeletalmess @ flickr, Shadowhouse Creations


  1. Fantastic fantasy Lauren- what a stunning take on this theme. I love the sense that her cave is a place of light and safety.

  2. very different and a great take on the theme.